Stone Carving

Stone Carving Art & Handicrafts Orissa

Stone Carving

From the 6th century onwards, Orissa produced a wealth of sculptural treasure in stone. It is a major handicraft of Orissa. As is evident from the innumerable archaeological monuments, rock-cut sculptures, caves and temples built for centuries and embellished with most beautiful and intricately carved statue and other adornments, the art of carving in stone had reached, in Orissa, dizzy heights of excellence perfected through centuries of disciplined efforts of generations of artisans. The huge repertoire of stone carving is best revealed in the architecture and rock-cut sculptures of Lingraja, Jagannath, Mukteshwara and other temples of Orissa. Stone carving in Orissa as a traditional craft and has been practiced for centuries and had reached dizzy heights of excellence due to disciplined efforts of generations. The descendants of these artists can still be found in several places, including the village adjoining the Buddhist site of Lalitgiri in Cuttack district, and in Puri, Bhubaneswar, and Khiching.




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