Kumara Purnima

It is particularly a festival of kumaris . However it has now evolved into being a festival of kumars as well. The young ones enjoy this festival wearing new dresses. … Continue Reading →


Also known in the northern states of India as Diwali, this festival is mainly celebrated as a remembrance of pitru Purusha, or ancestors. Lighted sticks or diyas are shown towards … Continue Reading →


It is a practice among pious Oriyas to give up non-vegetarian food such as fish, meat and egg during the entire month of Kartik. How ever those who are not … Continue Reading →

Kartik Purnima

It is an occasion to commemorate the glorious prosperity of Orissa in the olden days when  the sadhabas (maritime traders) practised maritime trade in far off countries. They were traditionally … Continue Reading →

Prathamastami (19 nov)

Prathamastami is an occasion in which the eldest child of the family is honoured. He or she is given new clothes. The ritual involves Aarathi of the eldest child by mother … Continue Reading →

Manabasa Gurubar (24 nov)

On every Thursday in the Oriya month of  Margasir Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped by, Oriya women, with utmost devotion. The women wake up very early in the morning and clean … Continue Reading →

Dhanu Sankranti

This festival is celebrated by preparing a special delicacy made of sweetened riceflakes called Dhanu Muan which is offered to Lord Jagannath in puja. A grand street play is held … Continue Reading →

Orissa Festivals

Orissa is a land of colourful festivals, which have a long history and tradition behind them. orissa’s innumerable festivals however stand out because of their uniqueness. Festivals in Orissa symbolise … Continue Reading →