Bhubaneswar Orissa


Bhubaneswar (‘The Lord of the Universe’) the capital of ancient Kalinga, now the capital of modern Orissa. In Bhubaneswar, Shiva is known as Tribuhuvaneswara or “Lord of the Three Worlds”, from which the city derives its name. The city is popularly known as the “Temple City of India”.

Bhubaneswar is also known as an important ancient Hindu pilgrimage centre. The old town which once used to have more than 2000 temples. The city has got a history for over one thousand years of having temple building activities of Oriya style flowered from its very inception to its fullest architecture display. It also compliments its historic surroundings due to its modern buildings and extensive infrastructure which makes it to the list of one of the planned city of India. Besides being Modern, Bhubaneswar is delightfully rural for a state capital that administers the affairs of 25 million Orissans.

Some of the important temples of Bhubaneswar are: Lingaraj temple, Mukteswar Temple, Rajarani Temple , Parsurameswar Temple, Svarnajaleswar Temple, Vaital Temple, Yogini Temple,  Ashokan Rock Edict, Ananta Basudev Temple, KedarGouri Temple, Iskon Temple, Bhrameswar Temple

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