odissi dancer trilochan

Odissi Dancer Trilochan

Odissi Dancer Trilochan  


Odissi Music

Today the orchestra consists of the Guru who mostly is also the mardala player accompanied with one or two vocalists. There are a number of other instruments that can be … Continue Reading →


Odissi Costume

In Odissi the costume is usually a stitched pyjama specially made from silk and is draped around the person. While the women wear sarees which are woven in silk and … Continue Reading →


Odissi Theme & Technique

The themes of Odissi are usually based on Lord Krishna. The Ashtapadi of Jayadeva is another very common theme. Odissi arft form centers on spirituality and devotion of its artists … Continue Reading →

Odissi History

Odissi is an Indian classical dance form from the Eastern state of Orissa. It is one of India’s oldest dance forms and it faced grave extinction during the British Raj. … Continue Reading →

Odissi Dancer – Biswajit Das

Odissi Dancer – Biswajit Das

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Odissi Konark Festival

Konark Festival    

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is celebrated on the occasion of uttarayan  (northward journey) of the Sun-god. A special semi-liquid preparation called Makara Chaula is offered to the god as prasad and distributed among … Continue Reading →

Sri Panchami

This day students seek the blessings of Devi Saraswati – the goddess of arts and learning. Puja is performed before the image of the goddess  and students observe fast till … Continue Reading →


It is the day of Lord Shiva’s appearance in the universe. To celebrate the occasion devotees of Lord Shiva perform puja in temples during the day. There is a custom … Continue Reading →